The first build of Tombstone was as a 340 pound super heavy weight class bot. Tombstone first competed at the very first Robolympics in 2004. Although I had been competing with many robots up this time, Tombstone was the bot that really landed me on the map so to speak. With the completion of Tombstone, I now had a robot that was a potential threat to destroy not only my competition, but the arena as well! Tombstone cut a path of destruction through the SHW class for a couple of years, always a threat to place highly in an event, and winning the NPC Charity Open event in late 2004. Tombstone as a SHW entrant last competed in 2005, when I began to place my focus in the heavyweight category instead, trying to win the ComBots Cup with Last Rites.

In 2009 Battlebots held an event and invited me to attend. This was to be a heavyweight 220 pound class event, but I didn't want to contractually tie up Last Rites to compete in Battlebots, so I built a new 220 pound bot specifically for Battlebots. When I decided on a name, I used Tombstone since the SHW version was retired, but the name was a good one and one I felt I owned in the world of combat robotics. For this 2009 event I did fairly well, had a good time, but ultimately this event never made it to television and was soon forgotten.

Fast forward to 2015, and Battlebots has now returned with a show for ABC! I was once again invited to participate, and this time the weight category was 250 pounds. I built an all new version of Tombstone to take advantage of the new weight category. As the episode airs I will update some of the specifics, but suffice it to say Tombstone put on a good show!