Swamp Thing

The current build for Swamp Thing was created for the 2015 BattleBots event. I felt that the turnout might be less than anticipated, so I brought this as an extra robot in case it was needed. As it turns out, there were plenty of bots for the event and Swamp Thing wasn't needed. We did however get used for some practice in the arena, to help the film crew and bot crew get used to their roles for this taping. Swamp Thing had a practice match against Chronic (A stout pneumatic flipper from the UK) which we managed to win. Since this practice match was prior to the start of the tournament, Swamp Thing had the very first victory in the new Battlebox!

We will see what sort of use we will have for this in the future. The show aspects of this are too good to ignore, so I am sure that Swamp Thing will crawl out of the swamp to compete once again!