Suitcase Nuke

Suitcase Nuke was built specifically to be able to be taken in luggage on an airplane, hence its unusual name :) Here is the bot in combat ready form.

Making weight is always a challenge in any weight class, but using an all steel frame in a 30 pound class bot probably wasn't the best idea. The frame was strong, but much heavier than it should have been for this class.

The drive system was a pair of Banebots gearmotors and wheels, and the weapon motor was an old EV warrior.

A close up of the motors. The final assembly had supports across the top of the gearmotors.

This was the status for the first spin up. There are no teeth on the weapon, and a lot of the internals were not fastened down, but everything was working.

And true to it's name, it did fit in a suitcase!

All packed, and ready to go!

When it was all done, it actually never performed the way I had hoped, like many new robots I suppose. It is repaired from the Motorama event, so sits in my garage sort of battle ready. I know it will need some redesign though to be a factor in the weight class. At some point I'll spend some time on it, and improve the things I wasn't impressed with.

30's are so little! Here Suitcase Nuke sits on his big brother Last Rites.