Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing has an interesting history. I originally built a 120 pound middleweight version of Swamp Thing. This was one of the first "show" bots I'd built, which was more focused on being entertaining rather than competitive. 

This was all mild steel, lots of it scrap pieces. The basic idea was simple. As the robot accelerated, the body would lean back which opened up the hinged jaw. When decelerating, the body would slam forward shutting the "mouth". The drivetrain was significantly quick that this opening and closing action were loud and violent, making it look like the jaw was actuated somehow. It was simply a hinged wedge, but the visuals were very entertaining. As I said, it was built to entertain, not to win, but it did manage to win more than a few matches, and I think it won every rumble it was ever in. I think it had a good 15 minutes of battery time, so it could go all out in a rumble!

I had stopped working with this robot a long time ago, but had the frame sitting on the side of my garage for years! Recently when I moved it finally made its way to the scrap yard, and it appeared as though the Swamp Thing would never rise from the swamp again.

For the 2015 BattleBots event, we ended up with a very short window to get robots built and ready for the event. While I know I would be ready with Tombstone, I was worried that, with the time frame involved, some of the entrants simply wouldn't be ready in time. So we here at Team Hardcore decided to bring an extra, just in case! Swamp Thing resurfaces!

This originally started out as a left over frame from our middleweight robot Mortician. The large 3/8" AR400 wedge plate (and a 1/4" bottom plate not seen in this pic) were then welded on. And to keep with the theme, a row of teeth are across the top.

Attached to the wedge plate are a pair of solid 1.5" thick steel bars. We painted them white to look like fangs. The hole in the center of the wedge plate is where the flame thrower is. That swamp gas is nasty stuff!

If you come from the swamp, you need a tail! This is made from 1" sqaure mild steel tubing.

The mount for the tail is actually an electromagnet. This gives us the tactical option to drop the tail mid fight if needed.

The tail was lit up by LEDs, and the fins are lexan. It looked really cool when completed! As you can see in this video, it was definitely showy!

The final piece added was an overhead hammer. BattleBots required an active weapon, and when this was first discussed the flame thrower was considered an active weapon. Final rules called for something powered and moving to be considered active, so we added the hammer.

We'll see what the future holds. I suspect that Swamp Thing will return!