Suitcase Nuke

Suitcase Nuke is a 30 pound class bot built specifically to compete at the Motorama 2014 event held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This annual event has always been the super bowl of the 30 pound class, and everyone I have ever talked to who had been to the event has always raved about how much fun they had. Since there weren't any local events for me in 2014 (Robogames was on haitus this year) I decided to take the plunge and travel east to compete. And I was glad that I did!

This event was a blast, and was held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. Motorama itself is a huge show, almost indescribably huge, and the robot event tags along for the ride. This is one of the longest running combat robot events in the country, run by the Northeast Robotics Club or NERC. Details on this and other eastern U.S. events can be found at the NERC website.

Suitcase Nuke, like virtually all new robots, had more than a few issues that kept it from reaching its full potential. It now sits in my garage, relatively battle ready, but needing some major upgrades to be a factor in the weight class. It was a fun build though, and I suspect at some point I will put some time back into it to make it the slayer it was meant to be.