Mortician is by far the longest running bot for Team Hardcore, competing for over a decade! Throughout its history is has had multiple configuratiions, with the end goal of being the big hitter for the 120 pound middleweight category.

The frame Mortician is made from 4130 tubing. Here is the start of a frame, showing the battery box location. Motor mounts and armor panel mounts have been welded in, but the weapon support had not yet been fabricated.

This is much closer to a combat ready machine. The weapon support is done, and pretty much all fabrication is completed.

A close up of the motors. Drive motors are NPC T-64s, and the weapon motor in this build was a 3" Ampflow through a Whyachi right angle gearbox. You can see the clutch assembly mounted on the output shaft. 

The business end of Mortician is a solid S7 bar, hardened to 54rc.

From an end view you can see the edge. This is cut at a 45° angle the length of the bar. This chips up faster than I would like, but the sharp edge cuts into opponents better.

Making weight with Mortician was always a hassle. The drive motors, while being very strong for a middleweight, were on the heavy side. If we rebuild Mortician down the road, look for some form of lighter drive system to allow for more weight in the weapon!