Last Rites

Last Rites is a 220 pound combat class bot, and is quite frankly a beast. Last Rites first competed in 2005 at the very first ComBots Cup event. Like any new machine, it took me a few events to get all the bugs worked out, but by 2007 this bot was firmly planted as an elite level bot and always in the hunt for an event victory ever since. This machine has stood on top of the kinetic energy pile for many years, and although occasionally there have been competitors that have tried to knock down the king (Electric Boogaloo and Touro Maximus come to mind) the truth is that no purely kinetic energy heavyweight has remained at the top for this long, ever.

Last Rites is a two-time ComBots Cup winner, and a consistant top 3 finisher in Robogames and ComBots Cup events. In fact, the top 3 spots have so routinely been the same bots, that Last Rites is known as one of the "Big Three" along with Sewer Snake and Original Sin.

Last Rites is the current reigning ComBots Cup champion!