Great Pumpkin

The very first build of the Great Pumpkin was as a 60 pound lightweight. It was, quite honestly, little more than a joke to be honest. It was a bit of creativity on my part, coupled with a desire to change things up a bit in the combat robotics world. This was meant to put on a show, and the crowd loved it!

While this was an unblievably fun project to build, and very entertaining for the crowd, this met with some negative feedback from my fellow builders. In the one and only match where the inflatable pumpkin worked, the opponent got tangled up in the shredded pumpkin. Now I personally didn't have a problem with this - in fact I expected to lose even while building this. But we won the match, because quite simply we outpushed the other guy. The outcry afterwards was that I had specificaly used an entanglement device. I never intended to win by entangling, heck I never intended to win period. But rather than really make an issue of it I just never bothered to try something like it again. Everyone wants creativity, unless of course it involves something outside the box......sigh.

Yes, this still pisses me off. I finished that event with a hard plastic pumpkin instead of the inflatable one. After a couple of events I simply gave the robot away.

At one of the ComBots Cup events, the turnout in the heavyweight class was sort of small. As I looked through my piles of parts in the garage, I realized that I had enough extras sitting around to come up with another heavyweight class bot. I also had some extra plastic pumpkins, so the Great Pumpkin was reborn.

The frame started out as one of the twisted broken frames from Mortician. While the weapon support was bad, the basic center section of the frame where the motors and batteries sit was still fairly straight, so I just added on the big wedge up front and called it good. In this very first build, the robot only weighed 135 pounds, so it was giving away a lot of weight to fight in the 220 pound category!

I really wouldn't have had an issue of dropping this bot off the roster when it was no longer needed to fill the bracket, but my team mate Rick decided to put some more time into development on this guy, and it has turned into a much more effective competitor over the years.  

Additions have included a much heavier front wedge, and a flame thrower system! 

This has turned into a fairly effective heavyweight, and one that is tough enough to play a role in how the weight class plays out. We'll probably continue development on this one, at least as long as we can still find the plastic pumpkins!