Originally, Coroner was built as a horizontal bar spinner, very similar in design to the others in Team Hardcore's roster. This is a 60 pound lightweight category bot.

We could have continued development on this one, and most certainly could have reached a point where it would have been a factor in the weight class. But we ended up with an opportunity to try something different, and so we did. The bar spinner version of this was given to Team Tiki, and they continue to work with it currently.

This full shell spinner was originally competed by RDC, the Robotic Death Company. It was originally called Rambyte, and was a fairly effective lightweight. But the shell was actually kind of heavy (just over 30 pounds) and with the motor and battery technology of its era, they could never quite get the dominance with this that they saw with their heavyweight Megabyte. At some point they decided to retire from robot fighting, and this was just sitting on a shelf. I asked about continuing to develop it, and we were given the chance to give it a shot!

One of the key places where technology has improved is in brushless motors. The short mag on the right (same as the A28-150 Ampflow) is just under 4 pounds, and has 3 horsepower. The brushless on the left (Great Planes Rimfire 65cc Electric) is just over 4 pounds and 10 horsepower! 

Almost all of the internal physical structure is changed very little. Most of the upgrades were to electronics.

The brushless fit easily as far as height went, but it was just slightly wider than the mag it replaced. I had to narrow the rails slightly to get it to fit.

We did have some repairs needed for the titanium shell. The top of the shell had been ever so slightly stretched, and it was near impossible to get the shell to spin level. Cutting out the top and rewelding it looked like an option, but we ended up taking a simpler (and much cheaper!) route. A piece of half inch thick aluminum was cut to match, and simply bolted into place. The extra rigidity across the top fixed all the issues, and even after several brutal matches it still spins perfectly level.

The only major renovation to the shell was in the bottom reinforcing ring. Originally this ring was only 1/8 inch, and it is now 1/4 inch. The ring was damaged in a match against Touro Light so we upgraded it for more strength.