The Coroner is a 60 pound class lightweight robot. In the original build, this was a bar spinner similar to other Hardcore Robotics creations, but a unique opportunity arose that we decided to act upon. My good friends on the Robotic Death Company team had decided to retire from competing with combat robots. Their lightweight robot Rambyte was a full shell spinner in a similar style as thier awesome heavyweight Megabyte. Rambyte had a very well built titanium shell, but with the motor and battery technology at the time it was built, it never seemed to allow them to attain the same dominance with the lightweight as they saw with the heavy. Team RDC allowed us to continue development on this, and it has turned into a really fun project! We're still trying to reach its full potential (like every other bot I guess!) but with an upgrade to a brushless weapon motor and lithium polymer batteries we are making some serious progress on turning this into a class dominating machine!

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