Having competed in multiple events annually, and in every weight class from 30 pounds to 340 pounds, Hardcore Robotics has fielded a rather large number of bots over the years. Occasionally I have reused names I liked through different weight classes, as long as the overall theme of the robot was the same. So, the list as I remember:
30 pounds

Bear Tracks, Puddle Jumper, Mitch, Embalmer, Suitcase Nuke, Turmoil

60 pounds

The Raven, Swampy, Coroner, Great Pumpkin, 2 Chicks at the Same TIme, Loco Pigeon, Frosty the Snowbot, Devil's Advocate

120 pounds

Darkness, Moloch, Swamp Thing, Mortician, Vicious Verdict

220 pounds

Shin Splitter, Last Rites, Great Pumpkin, Tombstone

250 pounds

Swamp Thing, Tombstone

340 pounds


It's sort of sad that I have built so many that I had to really look through old event reports to remember all of the names! I have never been organized enough to properly document things, so the build reports listed to the left are of Team Hardcore's most current creations.